Silk Powder 絲綢美顏蜜粉 5g
Silk Powder 絲綢美顏蜜粉 5g
Silk Powder 絲綢美顏蜜粉 5g
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Silk Powder 絲綢美顏蜜粉 5g

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  1. 如果您對蠶絲過敏,請不要使用。
  2. 絲綢微粒具有很強的吸水性,如果在臉上還留有黏稠的乳液狀態下使用,會使粉末分佈不平均,請待護膚品好好吸收後使用。
  3. 注意潮濕!絲綢微粒具有很強的吸水性,請避免潮濕。開封後建議在三個月內使用。

它可以吸收多餘的汗水和皮脂,但不會使皮膚乾燥,並可以維持皮膚的正常保濕度。 此外,絲蛋白



100% 蠶絲蛋白

* 成份以英文版本為準(中文版為翻譯本)



    Eng Description

    100% real silk powder without additives. Skin will look smooth and silky after use. 
    There will be a soft-focus effect on the skin, pores will become less obvious.

    Moist and smooth "silky skin"
    Using a special manufacturing method, you will feel comfortable and not sticky when used on the face. Silk powder keeps your skin smooth and moisturized for a long time.

    Fine and smooth
    Just apply a small amount of silk powder on the skin, the special silk particles inside will instantly improve your skin tone, cover the naked face with a silk veil, and your skin will become brighter and smoother without appearing white. 

    Eliminate skin imperfections
    The soft-focus effect makes the annoying pores, blemishes and unevenness on the face less obvious. The roughness of large pores and uneven skin tone is naturally concealed. 

    The powder can be used as a setting powder or touch-up powder to keep makeup for a longer time. As an oil control powder for daily use, it can be cleansed with just only soap if no makeup is applied. And in fact, this is a kind of skin care powder, so it is ok to not wash it off. You may use it as the last step of skin care before going to bed.

    Points to Note

    1. If you are allergic to silk, please do not use it.
    2. The special particles of silk powder have strong water affinity. If sticky lotion is left on the face, the powder will be unevenly distributed when applied. Therefore, please wait for the skin care products to be absorbed well before applying.
    3. The special particles of silk powder have strong water affinity, please keep away from moisture. It is recommended to use within three months after opening.

    The role of silk protein
    The raw material of silk powder is an amino acid called silk fibroin.
    It can absorb excess sweat and sebum but will not make the skin dry by maintaining the normal moisture level of the skin.

    Another advantage of silk fibroin is that it does not interfere with air penetration. It allows the beneficial bacteria on the skin to breathe well and prevents the overgrowth of harmful bacteria which hate oxygen at the same time. It is not irritating at all and is especially suitable for sensitive skin.

    Ingredients 成份:
    100% Silk (Silk Fibroin)

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