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Cosme Furufuri (Japan)


Cosme Furufuri 是一家以“完全不含添加劑”及 “天然”為宗旨的日本化妝品公司。

創業之時,Furufuri 就一直希望製造能夠充分利用皮膚正常微生物叢 的力量的基本化妝品。基於從未出現過的新想法,品牌研發了完全不使用防腐劑、溫和及對皮膚有益的化妝品,如絲綢美顏蜜粉和物理防曬霜等。品牌的座右銘是“絕對有趣” 。借助 “絶對”正確的信息和化妝品,任何人也可以“有趣” 地呵護自己的肌膚。自從認識Furufuri 以來,很多人改變了他們對皮膚護理的看法,開始覺得護膚是件輕鬆又快樂的事情。

 正常微生物叢(normal microbiota)是人類身體的一部分,它們寄生在人類好幾個不同的部位及組織,包括皮膚。他們的存在可以幫助人類抵抗病原菌的侵襲及健全人類的免疫力,甚至提供維生素等營養物供人類吸收與利用。

"Cosme Furufuri" is a Japanese cosmetics company that aims to produce additive-free and natural cosmetics.
From the time when the company was founded, Furufuri has always been thinking about developing cosmetic products that make good use of the power of normal microbiota* on human skin. Based on new ideas that have never existed, the company has developed a range of products that do not use preservatives and are mild and beneficial to the skin, such as silk powder and mineral sunscreen. Furufuri’s motto is "absolutely fun". With the "absolutely" right information and products, you can care for your skin in a "fun” way. Some people have changed their way of thinking about skincare since they came across Furufuri’s products. People start to think that taking care of their skin is in fact a simple and interesting thing to do every day.
*The normal microbiota are the microbes typically found in healthy people. These microbes are found in various organs and tissues in the body, including our skin. The normal microbiota provides some benefits to the host, such as fortifying the immune system, improving digestion and production of essential nutrients e.g. vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics.