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* COVID-19 may cause delay in shipping to some places *

Shipping Cost

֍ Zone 1:
    HK (through SF express)
    Shipping fee: HK$30
    Free shipping when spend over (after discount): HK$500
    Delivery time: 2-3 Business days*

֍ Zone 2:
    Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysaia
    Shipping fee: HK$60
    Free shipping when spend over (after discount): HK$900
    Delivery time: 
7-14 Business days*
֍ Zone 3:
    US, Australia, UK, EU , Canada, New Zealand
    Shipping fee: HK$90
    Free shipping when spend over (after discount): HK$1,500
    Delivery time: 
7-14 Business days*

֍ Zone 4:
    Other countries
    Shipping fee: HK$120
    Free shipping when spend over (after discount): HK$2,000
    Delivery time: 7-14 Business days*

* 只限不含有"可預訂產品"或"暫時缺貨產品"之訂單
※ 根據購買金額和購買數量,可能會被徵收針對海外進口貨品關稅。詳細資訊請參照各收貨地的關稅網站。

留意送貨所需日子只供參考,實際所需日子有可能因以下外部原因而有所延長,Cleanout Beauty 不承擔任何責任︰

  • 海關抽查
  • 繁忙時間︰如特賣期間、假期
  • 特別情況︰如惡劣天氣、疫情

* For orders without any "pre-order"/ "out of stock" products.
※ Customers are liable for all tariffs imposed on imported goods by your countries, according to the price or amount of your purchase. Please check with relevant websites to see the customs regulations for each country or region.

Please keep in mind that delivery time should be a reference only and that it is counted from the moment of dispatch. Cleanout Beauty would not take responsibility for delays caused by the following reasons:
  • Customs clearance 
  • Peak periods e.g. promotions / holidays
  • Unforeseen circumstances e.g. inclement weather / pandemic


Order Tracking


After your order is dispatched, you will receive an email with information such as shipping details, tracking number, expected delivery date, link for tracking website. Please remember to check your SPAM folder as well if you can't find the email in INBOX.


Duties & Taxes

各國家都有進口關稅規定,當貨物到達進口國時,該進口國會依貨物種類及價值而核定進口關稅。當地的海關有可能會對包裹進行抽查,並依當地所製訂的進口關稅規定,核定貨物是否需要繳交關稅或是免稅,並向收件人收取有關的稅款。客戶需自行承擔有關稅項Cleanout Beauty 並不會為您支付這些費用。

如因客戶拒絕繳交關稅而包裹被退回,Cleanout Beauty 將不會對客戶作出任何退款

Depending on the destination country, different taxation rules and additional charges may apply. If you are shipping items to a destination outside Hong Kong, you may need to pay import duties and taxes (including VAT) upon receipt of the products. Customers are solely responsible for these import duties and taxes.

If the package is being returned because the customer refuses to pay the duties & taxes imposed by the destination country, no refund will be made by Cleanout Beauty.