MERME Berlin (Germany)


MERME Berlin 貫徹 “保養瓶中的極簡主義” 的理念,致力提供成份簡單、純淨而有效的護膚品。品牌僅使用最可靠和最有效的原料,這些原料是從世界各地(最好的產地)以可持續的方式搜購回來的。

品牌特有的技術,使產品可以無需添加任何香料或防腐劑亦可有效保存成份為了使日常護膚程序變得簡單輕鬆, 亦同時使成份得以更效發揮,MERME Berlin 的每瓶護膚品都優質的單一成份為基礎,提供一系列 “back to basic” 的護膚品。


MERME Berlin focuses on “minimalism in a bottle” and offers simple, clean, and potent skincare. We use only the most trustworthy and powerful ingredients which are sustainably sourced from across the globe. Our products are so powerful that they can stand alone, untouched, and without any fragrances or synthetics added. Intending to make skincare simple and effective for everyone, MERME Berlin products cover a range of “back to basic” skincare essentials made only with the finest quality ingredients.