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LA LA Honey (Japan)

LA LA HONEY是一個在擁有豐富自然資源日本富山縣所誕生的護膚品品牌。產品利用由潔淨的山脈所融化而形成的常願寺川的清水和富山縣收集得來的蜂蜜製成。 Logo 上畫有代表了富山縣的立山山脈與富山縣最著名的瀑布。 品牌起源於創辨人想為自己製作一塊成份天然、溫和且護膚的肥皂(冷制肥皂),現今成為了品牌的皇牌產品。 品牌希望通過使用盡可能少的合成材料的簡單配方來提供對皮膚有益的產品。



LA LA HONEY is a cosmetic brand born in Toyama prefecture, Japan, where natural resources are abundant. With the blessings of nature, the brand uses exceptionally clean water melt from snow in the Jōganji River and local honey from Toyama prefecture. The birth of this brand begins at the making of ※cold process soap for the owner herself. The brand hopes to make something mild and good for the skin with a simple prescription without using any synthetic raw materials.

Cold process soap

Cold process soap is manufactured at low temperature and it takes a much longer time. This process can effectively retain the enzymes and vitamins contained in vegetable oils and honey which are the raw materials of soap. This soap features skin-friendly bubbles and is very moisturizing when used on the skin.

Honey Hand Cream 蜂蜜護手霜 12g

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Soap Honey 蜂蜜美肌皂 90g

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