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Kri Skincare (UK)




Krī(發音為 kree)是一個梵語詞語,意思是行動。

為了貫徹 make more with less 的宗旨,Krī 的產品精心挑選最簡單而有效的配方並將重點放在產品當中的優質成分,以達到最大效果。你不會在 Krī 的產品中到超過 20 種成份,然而即使簡單的成份也能發揮產品的功效。

Krī Skincare 為你和你的皮膚提供一個簡單、輕鬆而可靠的護膚體驗。極簡的品牌定位和產品包裝反映了 Krī Skincare 純淨和簡單的價值觀,以及對環境的尊重。

Krī Skincare 是一家獲認證的 B Corporation — 一個全球性的商業運動,公司營商同時肩負起社會責任,作為一種向善的力量。


Krī (pronounced kree) is a Sanskrit term meaning action or deed.

We make more with less. Krī Skincare products are made with a tightly curated selection of hero ingredients for maximum results. You won't find 20+ ingredients in any of our products when a lot less can do the job just as well.

Results-driven. We're here to provide an effortless and dependable experience that works for you and your skin. Our minimalist branding and packaging reflect the purity and simplicity of Krī Skincare products, as well as our respect for the environment.

Krī Skincare is a certified B Corporation — a global movement of companies that are using business as a force for good.