Facial Collagen Serum - 100% Vegan Collagen 純素膠原蛋白精華 30ml
Facial Collagen Serum - 100% Vegan Collagen 純素膠原蛋白精華 30ml
Facial Collagen Serum - 100% Vegan Collagen 純素膠原蛋白精華 30ml
Facial Collagen Serum - 100% Vegan Collagen 純素膠原蛋白精華 30ml
MERME Berlin

Facial Collagen Serum - 100% Vegan Collagen 純素膠原蛋白精華 30ml

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MERME Berlin 100%純素膠原蛋白精華是世界上第一支純素膠原蛋白精華(不使用人體組織或動物補充劑,與人類膠原蛋白21型* 100%吻合並經臨床研究證明其功效。此精華可模擬人體中天然膠原蛋白的產生使您的皮膚看起來更緊緻豐滿和光滑。它不僅會增加皮膚中膠原蛋白的濃度而且還有助於刺激人體自身天然膠原蛋白的產生。經臨床證實可改善皮膚的緊緻度、亮度、柔軟度和彈性保持肌膚年輕和容光煥發的關鍵。它同時可以改善皮膚泛紅和酒渣鼻的問題。

* 與人體膠原蛋白1:1吻合

通過使用植物性糖進行的可再生生物設計發酵工藝以局部形式重現了21型人類膠原蛋白(有助於重塑年輕肌膚 - 與人類皮膚細胞具有無與倫比的相容性。


  • 93%的受測試者在4週內測試結果︰ 皺紋明顯減少在8週時進一步改善。
  • 使用儀器測量而非感知測試在4週內100%的受試者的皮膚彈性顯著改善
  • 100%的受試者在4週內皮膚柔軟度明顯增加
  • 48%的受試者表示4週內皮膚發紅減少
  • 在4週內100%的受試者皮膚亮度明顯改善
  • 100%的受試者在4週內皮膚光滑度得到了明顯的視覺改善






  1. 混合維他命C提亮護膚粉使用以進一步促進皮膚自身膠原蛋白的產生。
  2. 透明質酸保濕精華配合使用。膠原蛋白和透明質酸是功能強大的雙組合相互支持。膠原蛋白使您的皮膚緊實,而透明質酸為您的皮膚保濕。透明質酸可以鎖緊水分,保持膠原蛋白的濕潤和彈性(您會想讓皮膚的膠原蛋保持juicy!)


sh-多肽-121 100%純素膠原蛋白),己二醇丁二醇

* 成份以英文版本為準 (中文版為翻譯本)

Eng Description

MERME Berlin Facial Collagen Serum is the world’s first-ever vegan Collagen (without the use of human tissue or animal supplements) that is a 100% match to human collagen Type 21*, with clinically-proven effectiveness. This serum mimics the effect of the natural human collagen production in the body, keeping your skin looking firmer, plumper and smoother. Not only will it increase the collagen concentration in your skin, but it will also help stimulate your own body’s natural collagen production. Clinically proven to improve skin’s firmness, brightness, suppleness and elasticity, which is the key to a youthful, radiant complexion. It was also shown to improve skin redness and rosacea.

* 1:1 Match to Human Collagen

Through a renewable bio-design fermentation process using only plant based sugars, the youth-restoring benefits of human collagen Type 21 have been recreated in a topical form - with unmatched compatibility with human skin cells.  

Clinical Study Results 

  • 93% of subjects experienced a significant measured reduction in the size of wrinkles in 4 weeks, with further improvement demonstrated at 8 weeks.
  • 100% of subjects experienced a significant improvement in skin elasticity in 4 weeks (– using instrumentation measurement, not perception study).
  • 100% of subjects experienced a measured increase in skin softness in 4 weeks.
  • 48% measured a reduction in skin redness in 4 weeks.
  • 100% of subjects had a measured improved in skin brightness in 4 weeks.
  • 100% of subjects had a measured visual improvement in skin smoothness in 4 weeks.

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types,  especially mature skin.

How To Use

Spray 2 - 4 spritzes over the face, and neck, after cleansing and toning. Make sure you allow it to absorb by patting it into the skin. Follow with other serums and oils to lock in that goodness!

Bonus Tips

  1. Prep your skin with our Facial Brightening Vitamin-C Powder for an extra boost to your skin's own collagen production.
  2. Pair with our Facial Hydration Serum (Pure Hyaluronic Acid). Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid are a powerful duo that support each other. Collagen firms your skin while hyaluronic acid hydrates your skin. Hyaluronic acid retains the water, keeping collagen moist and elastic (You want to keep your skin collagen juicy!).


Aqua, sh-Polypeptide-121 (100% Vegan Collagen), Hexane-diol, Butylene Glycol


MERME Quality Promise: MERME leaves the serum just as it should — in its natural clear colouring with a neutral odour - without added fragrances or preservatives.

Non-comedogenic. Vegan. Cruelty-free.

NO: phthalates, surfactants, petrolatums, BHT, BHA, silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, synthetic colours, or animal testing.

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