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Frequently Asked Questions

Question about elements
Q. Does this lotion contain perfume?
A. This product does not contain any perfume or coloring which may stress the skin, and its lack of non-added perfume is one of its characteristics. As Sorabudo is based on plants, it may have traces of the natural scents of the ingredients.

Q. Do you use preservatives?
A. We do not use paraben or phenoxyethanol.
Plant based “skin friendly” ingredients will protect the high quality of the product until you finish using it.
We collect Sasa Kurilensis water when the thaw begins until the middle of summer and we distill it immediately, using a low-temperature compressor without adding water and solvent. The water, rich in minerals promotes cleansing and moisturizing.

This extract is fermented from lactobacillus with the Wasabi plant. It is added to the product as an antioxidant.

This essence is fermented from lactose acid with Daikon root and filtered. It can eliminate contaminants and odors. By an isolated purification process this liquid can be used as a cleansing and antibacterial agent.
Q. What is Carryover?
A. Carryover is a compounded element used to stabilize the ingredients.
To maintain the quality of our products, we use the minimum amount of the safe compound “Benzoic acid Na”, a naturally occurring and synthetically produced substance. It is considered organic compound.
At this point, to preserve the quality of our products and provide a safe antiseptic result, we use this Benzoic acid Na as the best non-natural element.
The Organic Certification Body approves of its use. It is also used as a food preservative.
The stabilizing effect of “Benzoic acid Na” in Sorabudo ingredients is found in:
Grape berry cell extract
Bilberry leaf extract
Q. Is ethanol added?
A. For compound stability, we use plant based ethanol fermented from sugar cane or corn for the following products:
Botanic Serum (beauty essence)
Botanic Moisturizing Mask (face mask)
See the link for List of all ingredients
Q. Is it oil free?
A. We use only plant based oil. No mineral oil (petroleum) or animal based oil is used.

Expiration date for use
Q. Approximately how long does the product last once it’s open?
A. Due to the use of delicate organic plant or natural ingredients, we recommend it be used within 3 months after opening the product.

How to keep the product
Q. Are there any suggestions?
A. Close tightly after each use and store in a cool place. Avoid sunlight and extreme moisture.

Q. Is it Ok to keep in the refrigerator?
A. No. The quality is best if kept at room temperature. Avoid extremely cold or hot temperature and moisture.

Trouble shooting
Q. What do you suggest if an irritation occurs?
A. Stop using the product if –
You experience redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, or darkening of the skin.
You experience the above after the treated skin is exposed to direct sunlight.

Stop using the product and consult a dermatologist to avoid further skin damage.
Questions regarding the products
Q. Does the dispensing pump of the Botanic Serum (cosmetic essence) become brown?
A. The Botanic Serum's thick consistency is caused by the high content of "Suzenjinori seaweed polysaccharides," which, because of their high water-retention properties, may accumulate onto the dispensing pump. If the pump is then not used for a long period of time, evaporation of the yeast extract may result in a brown color, but the product can still be used without any problem.

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