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Is Lara Honey Soap Weakly Acidic?
Lara Honey soap is weakly alkaline.
Lara Honey Soap does not contain preservatives, why doesn't it rot?
This is because Lara Honey soap is weakly alkaline and is in an environment where it is difficult for organisms to develop and grow.
Can I use it even if my skin is weak?
Lara Honey Soap is designed to be as non-irritating to the skin as possible. We hope that even people with sensitive skin can try it. If it does not suit your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
Do you use wheat as an ingredient in soap?
Lara Honey does not use any wheat-based ingredients.
Can I wash my face with soap?
Lara Honey soap can be used as a face wash to wash your face.
Can soap be used as a cleanser?
Simple makeup can be washed away, but not all makeup can be washed away.
We recommend using make-up cleansing.
Where are Lara Honey products made?
All are manufactured at our own factory in Toyama prefecture.
Can I use a commercial rinse other than an acidic rinse for soap shampoo?
The soap shampoo rinse is for neutralizing hair that has become alkaline with soap shampoo and making it weakly acidic. If you are using soap shampoo, we recommend that you use a special rinse.
How long does Lara Honey Body Spray last?
The effect lasts for about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the usage conditions. If the scent is gone, spray again.
Why is shampoo / body soap sometimes cloudy?
Since it uses natural ingredients, it may become cloudy or separate at low temperatures, but there is no problem with quality.
Since it is hot water of about 40 degrees, shake it well before use.
Thing about how to use Lara Honey product
The soap I had in the bathroom was soft. Could I ask the reason?
The cause of the softening of the soap is thought to be the penetration of water adhering to the soap.
Moisture adhering to the surface of the soap may permeate during use or due to dew condensation, and the moisture content of the soap may increase, which makes it easier for the soap to melt and collapse.
To prevent this, it is recommended that you drain the water lightly after use and put it in a well-drained case to take measures against humidity.
Can it be used on dry skin?
You can use it. After use, we recommend that you take care such as moisturizing with a beauty essence.
How long can soap be used?
Although there are individual differences, it lasts for about 45 to 60 days with 80g soap when used in the morning and evening.
I used soap shampoo for the first time, and my hair is squeaky and sticky. Why? Generally, switching from synthetic shampoo or conditioner may make you feel sticky immediately. This is because it may react with the synthetic rinse component used up to that point and become oily. It is said that after 1 to 3 months of use, the components of the previous synthetic shampoo conditioner will be removed and the hair will return to normal. Can Lara Honey Body Spray be used for children? You can use it. It is effective to spray it on clothes and hats. If it does not suit your skin, it is recommended that you discontinue use and consult a doctor. How much should Lara Honey Essence be used at one time? There are individual differences such as the condition of the skin, but the appropriate amount is about 2 to 4 drops with the dropper attached to the palm.
How many times a day should I apply serum?
Normally, it is enough to use it once a day, but it is okay to use it 2-3 times depending on the change of seasons and the dryness of the skin.
Essence is an oil product, but don't you get a sunburn?
Since it is 100% natural vegetable oil, it does not get sunburned, but UV protection is necessary throughout the year. Use UV cream together to prevent photoaging.
Is beauty oil unsuitable for oily skin?
By supplementing with high-quality oil, excess sebum is suppressed, oxidation is prevented, and the balance is adjusted, so it is okay to use it.
Thing about soap, honey, cosmetics Does Lara Honey Soap have an expiration date? The expiration date for cosmetics, including soap, is 3 years after manufacturing, unopened. For a longer period of time, depending on the storage method, the scent may be lost and the satisfaction level during use may decrease. In addition, we recommend that you use up as soon as possible after use. What are "Stone Ken Base" and "Potassium Stone Ken Base"? Both are the elements of Ishiken. "Soap base" is a cleaning ingredient for powder and solid soap, and is made by reacting fats and oils with caustic soda. "Potassium soap base" is a cleaning ingredient of liquid soap, and is made by reacting fats and oils with caustic potash.
Is there a temperature that will bring out the benefits of Lara Honey Soap?
The surface temperature of the skin on the face is said to be 32 to 34 ° C, and it can be said that a little warmer than the hot water in the bath is the optimum temperature.
Is there a recommended way to wash your face with Lara Honey?
First, moisten your skin well.
Next, use a lathering net, etc. to lather the soap well.
Gently massage with foam to avoid rubbing your skin.
Then rinse well with lukewarm water or water.
Lara Honey Soap is recommended for sensitive skin and atopy, but will it cure?
Lara Honey soap is designed to be as non-irritating to the skin as possible, but since it is not a drug, it cannot be claimed to be effective or effective.
Should children under the age of 1 not eat honey?
Yes, please refrain. This is because natural honey may rarely be contaminated with naturally occurring Clostridium botulinum, which is low in intestinal bacteria and may cause infant botulism when eaten by infants with underdeveloped intestines.
What is beeswax contained in Lara Honey's bee cosmetics products?
Beeswax is a wax secreted by the secretory glands in the abdomen of worker bees as a material for bees to build their nests. Beeswax is also called beeswax, which is made by melting beeswax and hardening it into blocks.

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