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Our standing point towards product assortment is minimalistic and we stand by the philosophy to reduce the number of skincare products to the selected efficient collection that supports and helps a powerful and intelligent organ that skin is to heal itself. All of our products are ethically sourced, safe to use, vegan, not tested on animals, and made responsibly on island Saaremaa.

by mukk products are made from organic certificated ingredients of natural origin. Ingredients that only grow wild are not marked under organic certification. Our formulas do not have any synthetic ingredients or harsh preservatives that damage the skin’s microbe levels. Our products are inspired by the nature of our home island. For example, we use local red algae from the coastline to add skin rebuilding qualities to the formulas. We do the product conceptualising, development and production in our independent lab. All the formulas are artisan made and created in dialogue with the scientists and chemical engineers, approved by the certified safety assessors.

Driven by the idea to emphasise the importance of a clean formula, all used ingredients are placed on the front side of the product. While designing a product we are focusing on recyclable materials and innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact. As coastal inhabitants, we are looking out for new alternatives to use less plastic around our products. All our labels are made from paper and we have chosen not to produce any redundant posters, brochures, packaging, etc.

Our creams and masks come in aluminum tubes. Tubes are great for the conservation, the product is kept fresh and away from air and sunlight. They also allow using the product entirely. Aluminum is very lightweight and can be recycled in infinitive times.

Our cleansing products are stored in amber glass bottles that protect the formulas from UV light, enabling to prolong the freshness of each ingredient. Without emitting any harmful toxins and hormone-like chemicals, glass is 100% recyclable too. The rectangle shape creates a more compact product, taking less space in the parcel, travel bag or shelf. We encourage our customers to reuse the glass bottles at home.Please always feel free to contact us with any questions - WhatsApp +852 6574 8829