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ZOYA GOES Pretty (Bulgaria)

Zoya Goes Pretty (Bulgaria)

Zoya Goes Pretty是保加利亞的化妝品品牌,致力於研發成份最天然、最簡單的護膚品。 Zoya Goes Pretty相信大自然中簡單而有效的配方。我們的植物油是100%天然、不經精製和有機的。我們所有產品的配方都盡可能簡單,並在40°以下製造以保留所有必需養份。我們珍惜本土植物並支持本地製造商。 Zoya Goes Pretty的產品能為您的皮膚提供各個季節所需要的養份。立即挑選你喜歡的Zoya Goes Pretty產品並開始自然的美麗之旅吧!

Pure Skin Care
All natural ingredients

Zoya Goes Pretty is a Bulgarian cosmetic brand aiming the most natural and simple skincare ever. Zoya Goes Pretty believes in nature’s simple and genuine formula. Our oils and butters are 100% raw, unrefined and organic. All of our blends are as simple as possible and are melted below 40° to preserve all essential nutrients. We treasure our homeland plants and support local manufacturers. Zoya Goes Pretty is just what your skin needs season by season. So pick your favourites and get your natural beauty journey begin!


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