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by mukk (Estonia)

by mukk 的品牌理念是使用天然、簡單和優質的成份,製作出對用家和環境都無害的產品。by mukk  的目標是創造易於使用和有效的日常護膚產品。 

by mukk  認為我們需要學懂傾聽自己的身體的需求並採取相應的行動,因為人的身體是一個非常微妙及充滿智慧的系統,只要您感到快樂,它就能獨立的好好運行。 快樂的肌膚源自於一種健康的生活方式,而護膚便是其中一環。 by mukk 深信思想上的快樂亦同樣重要,因此鼓勵大家在周圍自然環境中尋求快樂。

by mukk 產品由以人道方式採購得來的天然有機成製成,不含任何會損害皮膚的合成成分或刺激性防腐劑。

by mukk was created with an emphasis on using natural, simple and high-quality ingredients, each product sent out aims to benefit the users as well as the environment. by mukk’s goal is to create daily skincare products that are easy to use and effective.  

by mukk believes that it is important to listen to your own body, observe its needs and act accordingly. The human body is an intelligently designed system that is able to function harmoniously and independently if you allow it to be happy. Happy skin comes with a healthy lifestyle and skincare being part of it. 

by mukk products are made from ethically sourced organic ingredients of natural origin and do not have any synthetic ingredients or harsh preservatives that damage the skin's microbe levels.

Retouch Toner 海藻平衡調理液 100ml

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Face Wash 海藻潔面啫喱 100ml

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Algae Peel Mask 海藻去角質面膜 60ml

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Good Barrier Mask 蘆薈防禦保濕面膜 60 ml

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White Clay Mask 白泥潔淨面膜 60ml

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