Tutorial - Do you know your sunscreen well? Let’s learn about SPF and PA+



SPF??? PA???
Do you understand the difference before you purchase?

Do you know what it means by "SPF" or "PA"?
It is an index showing the sunscreen's UV protection effect.
Make sure you understand the differences between them, and then select the right sunscreen that suits you best, depending on the usage and skin concerns!

"SPF" (Sun Protection Factor) indicates how effective the sunscreen is against UVB 

UVB (ultraviolet B wave) causes redness and irritation on the skin in a short time. The value of “SPF” (From 1 to 50+) represents whether the inflammation due to UVB waves can be prevented for a long time compared to when nothing is applied. The larger the number, the higher the protective effect against UVB waves.

"PA" (Protection Grade of UVA) indicates how effective the sunscreen is against UVA

"PA" is a measure of the effect of preventing UVA (ultraviolet A wave) that causes temporary blackening and loss of elasticity of the skin over a long period of time. The more the number of "+" , the higher the protection effect against UVA. PA++++ is the highest level at the moment

Take good care and protect your future skin now!


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