Tutorial - Causes & remedies for recurring adult acne


Causes & remedies for recurring adult acne

Adolescent acne and adult acne have different causes! Isn't there a lot of women who suffer from acne problem? If you have acne, it may make you feel depressed and you will lose confidence in yourself. That is why everyone wants to live every day without acne.However, recurring adult acne is a rather common problem for many women. Adolescent acne and adult acne have different causes and different coping strategies. Let's start by learning the different causes.

===== Adolescent Acne =====

People are easy to get acne in their teens and early twenties, mainly on the forehead and nose. It is caused by excessive secretion of sebum due to changes in hormone balance peculiar to adolescence. As the amount of sebum increases, it becomes easier for the pores to get blocked, and acne bacteria increase, resulting in acne. When you are at the late twenties, your hormone balance becomes stable, you will not get acne frequently.

===== Adult acne =====

Acne that occurs after puberty, also known as pimples, can be found mainly on the mouth and jaw. The cause is caused by various factors such as irregular eating habits, lack of sleep, stress, and dryness. Under these influences, the turnover cycle of the skin is disturbed, and unnecessary keratin accumulates, which blocks pores and causes acne. Adult acne is easy to repeat in the same place and is difficult to heal.

Adult acne occurs and get worsen due to NG care routine...

Are you also doing NG care routine?

<NG care ①> Cover the acne with foundation or concealerIf you have acne, you will want to hide it with make-up, but many base make-ups will block the pores and cause irritation, leading to worsening of the acne. When applying make-up, make sure that the base make-up is as thin as possible and that it is removed as soon as possible so that it does not strain the skin.

<NG care ②> Do the same care as for adolescent acneMaybe some people take the same care as adolescent acne, thinking that "acne is excessive sebum secretion"? However, it is NG. Adult acne is caused by dryness rather than sebum. Therefore, it is the NG face wash and cleansing that removes too much sebum. First, it becomes a hotbed for acne. Also, it is no good to refrain from moisturizing. The barrier function of dehydrated skin is compromised, and excess sebum is secreted, making it easier for the burst of acne.

<NG care ③> Cover face with maskAdult acne is likely to occur around the mouth and chin, so if you cover it with a mask, it may be more likely to worsen acne due to stuffiness or irritation. We recommend that not to wear a mask if you have acne if the situation warrants. Adult Acne Treatment & PreventionFor adult acne care, it is important to review lifestyle habits and prevent them through proper face care.

<Lifestyle you want to keep in mind>In addition to a well-balanced diet, adequate sleep, stress-free, and taking measures against UV rays, be aware of the following lifestyle habits that are often overlooked.

  • Prevent the hair with hair styling products from touching your face
  • Make sure that conditioners are not left behind
  • Always keep foundation puffs and brushes clean
  • Always keep bedding and pillow cases clean

<Proper face care>On top of moisturizing, it is good to use products that contain acne care ingredients. The following acne care ingredients are also recommended:

Ceramide: It exists in the stratum corneum and fills the spaces between cells to maintain moisture and protect the skin from external stimuli. It is an essential ingredient for moist and healthy skin.

Vitamin C derivatives (e.g. L-Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and Magnesium Ascorbyl Palmitate): In addition to the function of suppressing sebum secretion and oxidation of sebum, it also has a whitening effect and takes care of the pigmentation of acne scars.

Resveratrol: It has the function of suppressing the growth of acne bacteria that causes acne. It is also a pleasing ingredient for acne, which is expected to suppress the occurrence and deterioration of acne due to its synergistic effect with anti-inflammatory action. In addition, the rhythm of the turnover cycle is adjusted.

~ ~ ~ Summary ~ ~ ~
Adult acne cannot be improved with the same care as adolescent acne. You need a different approach. It may be difficult for a modern woman who is busy with work and housework to live a regular life, but always try your best to keep a lifestyle that does not cause adult pimples or worsen them.

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